Writers: Trust Yourself and Keep Writing!




Hello to all of the writers who read this blog.

I have a simple message for you.

Trust in your abilities.

Have faith in your stories.

Keep dreaming.

Keep working.

Keep writing.

Never give up on your dreams.

Never give up on your writing.

You can do it.





Writers–Keep Writing!




To all the wonderful writers out there who have works in progress, no matter the genre or kind of writing, thank you for doing what you do!

Remember to keep drafting, to continue planning and researching, and to work on your revisions. Your writing matters, and you make contributions to the world with your work.

Have faith in yourself and in your work!

Never give up!

Keep writing!



What Book Would You Read On A Summer Day?


I have asked this question before, but I am always interested to know what other readers would choose if they had this opportunity. I am, therefore, revisiting, this topic.




One of my best memories from summers when I was a child was of those days when I didn’t have to do anything. Work had not yet reared its head, chores were finished, and the weather was just right. It wasn’t too hot, and the humidity was low. The sky was filled with imagination-inducing legions of clouds.  On such days, I remember sitting under a tree, leaning back against it and reading a book—all day, with the exception of going in for lunch and supper. They were perfect days.



Now, imagine something like that. For one day, you have no responsibilities, the weather is nice—75 degrees, almost no humidity, and a sky of bright blue and cumulus clouds like scattered cotton candy—and you have the time to indulge in reading a book. At your side is a container of coffee, iced tea, or whatever you like. You also have snacks with you.  Remember, for this day, you are free to relax and read, as if you were a child again.

If I were to do this right now, I think I would begin to reread The Lord of the Rings.



My question is—what book would you read?

Which Living Writer Would You Like To Write A Review Of Your Book?




I have been continuing to think about hypothetical writing questions. I have asked which writer you would like to write an introduction to your book, so I began thinking about who you might like to read and review your work. I do not mean that it would happen, because I doubt that I could get a review from my choice. I still think, though, it is an interesting question.

For my books Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book I and Gallows Hill: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 2 , if it were possible, I would ask, and I would be honored if he agreed, Stephen King to review them.  Not only is King the Master of Horror, but also he is one of our greatest living writers. No matter what he might say about my books, I would love to know what he thinks of them.



So, I ask all of you: what living writer would you like to review one or more of your books?



Gallows Hill can be found here in ebook.

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An interview about Gallows Hill can be found here.


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Have You Written Today?




Have you done some writing today? Did you put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and cranked out so many words? Will you write today? Remember not to worry about resolutions–they often fail. Simply try to develop a discipline about the craft of writing, and never wait for inspiration. It is the act of writing that creates more writing.

Remember, your writing opens yourself and your readers to the worlds of your imaginations, and that is a true blessing.

Give others the gift of your writing!





When Do You Write?




I have done a blog post before in which I asked where you write, and I have been delighted with the responses and the conversation that developed. I thought, then, that the next logical question to explore was that of when you write.



With my schedule, between teaching at two colleges, tutoring, being a father, husband, and grandfather, it is difficult to plan a particular time when I write. That is one of the reasons I carry a pad and pen with me so that when I find the time to write, then I write.

If I could write, however, when I wanted to, then I would probably work in the later evening. I have always been nocturnal, and I have done some of my best work in the night time.



I am asking all of you: what time do you write?





Where Do You Write?




Do you have a specific place in which you are most comfortable where you prefer to write? Is it an office, a dining room table, or a comfortable chair?

Or do you vary your locales? Do you ever go to a coffee shop or a diner to write? Personally, I like to change my writing areas, especially when working on first drafts, which I always compose by hand. I use a legal pad and pen, and I like to work in a wide variety of places.



Today, the weather is spectacular. It is a bit breezy and cooler than normal, which I love. My plan for writing today, therefore, is to find a nice outside table somewhere, perhaps at a park or a college campus, and I will do my work there.

My questions to all of you follow: do you write in only one place, or do you prefer to vary your spots?  Secondly, where are you writing today?