What Writer From the Past Would You Like to Write the Introduction to Your Book?




It is not uncommon for one writer to compose an introduction or preface for another writer’s book. I was thinking about this idea today–who I would like to write an introduction for my book Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Paranormal Society, Book 1. For me,  I would have liked Edgar Allan Poe to write this preface or introduction. He would have been a perfect choice.



My question to all of you is this: What dead author would you like to write the preface or introduction to one of your books?



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Where Do You Write?




Do you have a specific place in which you are most comfortable where you prefer to write? Is it an office, a dining room table, or a comfortable chair?

Or do you vary your locales? Do you ever go to a coffee shop or a diner to write? Personally, I like to change my writing areas, especially when working on first drafts, which I always compose by hand. I use a legal pad and pen, and I like to work in a wide variety of places.



Today, the weather is spectacular. It is a bit breezy and cooler than normal, which I love. My plan for writing today, therefore, is to find a nice outside table somewhere, perhaps at a park or a college campus, and I will do my work there.

My questions to all of you follow: do you write in only one place, or do you prefer to vary your spots?  Secondly, where are you writing today?



A Thank You To Writers!




To all the writers out there who are working hard, who are drafting and revising, submitting and self-publishing, thank you! You are the conscience of society, the teller of tales, and the creators of myth. So, from one writer to other writers: thanks!




Please continue to write. Do not pay attention to any negative people, any nay-sayers. Be proud of what you are doing, and say to yourself and the world–I am a writer!