Guest Post by Joshua Fisher for the ULS, The Underground Library Society


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I want to thank Josh Fisher for his guest post for the ULS, the Underground Library Society. Please check out his blog JDFISHER840 .



If for some reason, some entity decided to make books illegal, I would be hard pressed to pick but one.  I would have to pick The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.  This book is a fictional book about a squad or element that is fighting in Vietnam.

Tim O’Brien goes into many details about fighting, living and surviving in a war that he did not wish to fight in, but he did not have a choice.  The book tells numerous war stories about this controversial war.  The stories are just that, stories.

This is a work of fiction about Vietnam but it is also a book about writing and telling stories.  This book is something I will always love and will always be a book that I recommend to other people to read.

This is the book I would become.

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