A Change of Plans


I have been making good progress on the first draft of my third novel and staying on my immediate goals for pages for the month. While I am pleased with my progress, I have also needed to make some adjustments to my monthly drafting goals because of the necessity of addressing a few other writing tasks.

I recently found a few more agents to whom I can submit my first novel, so I decided to give the book another read, and I have been making a few changes, tightening where I can. I plan on having this reading and editing done in two weeks. Because I am going to submit Evil Lives After again very soon, this editing takes precedence over the drafting of the third novel.

I also just recently finished a piece that will be appearing in the Education section of The Morning Call Sunday newspaper. I will blog more about that soon.

Over the last few days, I also put the finishing touches on a rewriting of an academic article which I will soon be submitting to an academic journal; I will also write about this piece in the near future.

While these various tasks have precluded any real drafting of the third novel for a short period, I will return shortly to that task, within one to two weeks, and continue on a slightly revised drafting schedule. I am still on target to complete a first draft of the third novel by the end of the spring.