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Thank you to everyone who helped me in this Cover Wars contest at  I know that I was a bit of a pest with my posts about voting for me, so  I do apologize if I went overboard.  To all who helped me with voting and with excellent suggestions on how to reach people–Thank you!!! I have received a great deal of aid from my wife, family, friends, and friends from the wonderful community I have found at WordPress.



I also want to thank Judy Bullard at for her wonderful work on my book. I will certainly work with her again, and I give her my highest recommendation.



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Happy New Year!




I want to wish everyone a happy, safe, joyous, and successful New Year! I wish peace, safety, and comfort to those who need it in the world. I wish courage to those who will face difficult challenges in their lives.I wish love and friendship to all.

I wish writers the discipline to keep writing and remember, do not worry about the quality of the first draft, just get it down! Happy Writing!



National Coffee Day!


National Coffee Day!

Now this is my idea of an important day!



I love a day dedicated to the making, preparing, and drinking of coffee, without which I would probably not function!



On this day I must mention my favorite coffee shop, which if you ever are in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, you should visit: Taylor Roasted Coffeehouse in Northampton, PA. The owners are wonderful, the atmosphere is friendly, welcoming, and artistic, and the coffee is the best I have ever had.  And I have had MUCH coffee in my life!


Happy drinking of coffee!

Sam’s Chicken Paprikash


It has been a while since I have talked about the characters from my horror novel Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1. Sam Sadlowski is one of three founding members of the IPS, the Investigative Paranormal Society, a ghost and supernatural investigation group, that is central to my book.


Sam is a retired homicide detective and an avid cook.  But he doesn’t do any of “that high-class stuff served on a plate too large and a portion too small,” as he would say. A proud descendant of Polish and Hungarians, he loved the peasant food he grew up with. He loves hearty food and plenty of it.

One of his favorite foods was a meal his mother made often when he was growing up.  Here is his version of Chicken Paprikash:


(Photo By Liz French, 2016)


2 pounds chicken, either breast or thighs

2 green bell peppers

2 large onions

1 pound button mushrooms

1 can crushed tomatoes

paprika — regular or hot depending on the level of desired heat

fresh ground black pepper


pinch of salt (optional)

sour cream

either dumplings or wide noodles

To prepare:

Use a large dutch oven, preferably of cast iron.

Boil the chicken for a few minutes to begin the cooking process, then transfer to the dutch oven that has a hot layer of cooking oil in it that has been heavily coated with paprika, so that the oil looks red.  Be sure to pat the chicken dry first with a paper towel to avoid oil splattering.

While the chicken is searing, on both sides, chop the peppers and onions. Clean the mushrooms with cold water and a paper towel.

After the chicken is seared, turn the heat to low or simmer.

Add the peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Add the seasoning.

Add the crushed tomatoes.

Add two-four tablespoons sour cream, and mix completely.

Let simmer in the dutch oven for 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours.

Cook the noodles or dumplings.

To Serve:

Serve over noodles or dumplings in a large bowl.

Slick thick pieces of good bread to place on the side.

Sam prefers to drink Hungarian red wine: egri bikaver, which translates loosely as “bull’s blood” with the meal.

egri bikaver

If you enjoy hearty meals, give this a try. You will probably enjoy Sam’s recipe.




Favorite Christmas Movies: Part 1



There are so many aspects of this holiday season that are wonderful to me: getting together with loved ones, friends and family alike; the spirit of giving that I hope continues to grow; celebrations; the holiday music; and the memories of happy times.  Among the favorite memories I have are a few specific Christmas movies.

The movie I will talk about today is Scrooge with Albert Finney as the star; he does a magnificent job in his performance as the miserly and misanthropic loan-shark. This musical version of A Christmas Carol is one of the finest filmic adaptations of the classic Christmas Eve ghost story and morality tale.  This film follows  the story closely with Scrooge being visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, of Christmas Present, and of Christmas Future. Among the movies best songs are Scrooge singing “I Hate People” which clearly shows his despicable and greedy nature,  “Thank You Very Much” in which a tap dance is done on Scrooge’s coffin in the future, and “I Like Life” in which the ghost of Christmas Present teaches Scrooge about experiencing life as well as having empathy for others.

Scrooge-Ghostof xmaspresent-m

This movie does an excellent job of showing Dickens’ critique of a greed based society and one that did little or nothing to help alleviate the enormous difficulties of the poor.  When first confronted by the ghost of his dead partner Marley, Scrooge tells him that he was always a good man of business.  Marley’s ghost responds, “Mankind should be our business.”  This is a sentiment that stands today.  We should be putting the good of humanity above the pursuit of greed.


I was a teenager when this movie was first released in 1970, and I loved seeing it with two of my closest friends.  We were captivated by the music and the story, and it remains as powerful to me as when I first saw it. If you have never had the opportunity to see this particular film, I give it my highest recommendation.


I also remind all of us, in paraphrasing the Master Charles Dickens, that we must always remember to make the good of others our business.


The Epic Awesomness Award


Atomic Words at nominated me for this award. Thank you for this honor, and I hope that you visit her blog.



The Rules of the Award:

1.) You are awesome; tell us why.

2.) You are my friend; tell us about other friends.

3.) Be creative, but it’s ok if you are having trouble with this one.

4.) There are no direct questions to answer; let yourself run wild!

5.) Thank the blogger who nominated you.

6.) Notify your nominees.

My Answers!

Well, this feels  a bit odd because I don’t think I have ever considered myself to be awesome, but I have what I hope is a welcoming and friendly blog.  It is a place to have fun, learn, and discuss.

I have made many friends and met wonderful bloggers here–that is truly an amazing and sublime experience!   Yes, I am showing my professorial roots here–the word sublime is the real connection to awesome–that which makes us feel awe, often in  the presence of something enormous.

So I feel awe in the wonder of the written word and the possibility for expression.

This might have gone a little more serious than intended, but this is my story, and I stand by it!

My Nominees:

K.C. Redding-Gonzalez



Dr. Web

Amy Reese


Mitch Teemley





Millie Thom

Jo Robinson

A Not So Jaded Life


Mitch Goldfarb

Again, thank you to Atomic Words!







Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to recognize the positives and the blessings in your life.

Enjoy your feasts, your gatherings, and your traditions.  And please remember to give thanks to those who help us in many ways. So many are away from home, friends, and family, and we should all give them a moment of thanks for their service.

To my friends and family–thank you!