Resolve to Write Today


After having had an interesting discussion this morning with my wife, –thanks to  Liz!– I wanted to offer a small bit of advice to writers. Do not wait until the New Year to make a resolution to write more or be more productive; begin today! Do not wait for the demarcation of the next annum to take pen in hand or sit at the keyboard; rather, understand that your determination to write can begin any day and should be a continuing act of self-discipline.  So, my simple desire for you is to write today and everyday. Make today the beginning of a commitment to writing!



Happy Writing!



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A Deserved Victory!


Sometimes, not always, but on occasion, courage, determination, vision, and a knowledge of being right come together and make a difference in the world.  Sometimes this wonderful event can happen.  Please read Tricia’s post Restoration to see how a courageous person led a battle for the educational rights of her son.  This is both encouraging to see a good person win such a battle, and the writing of the event is deeply moving.

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