Please Help Me on #PitMad On Thursday 6/3/2021



Hello everyone! This may sound like an odd request, but tomorrow I am participating in #PitMad on Twitter, a day long event in which authors tweet a pitch for a book to agents.

If any of you have Twitter, please consider retweeting my pinned tweet, which I will put up tomorrow morning around 8 a.m. EST.

My Twitter handle is @French_C1955

This is also important– DO NOT LIKE THE PITCH–that is for agents to let writers know they are interested in your work.

The tweet will be for my horror novel The Curse Of The Demon Mine. 

It will look something like this:

It x Stranger Things x The Magicians

In 1957 S. Dakota teens Dancer, Micah, and James fight a monster threatening their beloved teacher. To save him, and the magical realm, they must defeat homicidal bullies and supernatural threats, controlled by the creature. #PitMad #YA #DF

Again, thank you to all!

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Help With PitDark Tomorrow On Twitter



Hello to everyone! I am participating in a Twitter event tomorrow, #PitDark, in which I will attempt to entice an agent or publisher to be interested in my book. I will pitch Curse Of The Demon Mine, and I will have my tweet up at 8 a.m. EST tomorrow morning as my pinned Tweet on my profile. If you can help, please Retweet the pitch, but also do not like it. That is for agents to indicate they are interested.

For all you who have Twitter, please consider helping me!

And I thank you in advance.

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