Blogger Recognition Award!



Thank you very much to A Not So Jaded Life, who has a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading very much.  Your blog is always interesting, and thank you again for this nomination.

I began my blog over a year ago to write about my thoughts on reading, writing, and other literary issues. I also hoped to connect to people who shared similar thoughts and concerns. Along the way I have been fortunate to encounter many wonderful people with blogs about a myriad of ideas, themes, and issues. I enjoy not only writing about what my original ideas were but also new and more diverse topics.

Again, I have been very fortunate to meet many interesting people with wonderful blogs.

A piece of advice for other bloggers: Keep reading all you can, continue writing as much as you are able, and enjoy every day to the fullest possible–carpe diem!

Rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

• Post an image of the award.
• Thank the person who nominated you and their blog, and link back to that blog.
• Explain briefly how you started your blog.
• Give a piece of advice to fellow bloggers.
• Nominate other bloggers for the award–as many as you wish, and notify them of their nomination.

My nominees:

Kate M. Colby

Susanna Sturgis


Running After 50

Kat Kent

Beverly A. Young

In My Cluttered Attic

Russell J. Fellows


Mitch Teemley

Marc Valle


Wallace W. Cass Jr.


Mitch Goldfarb

Again, thank you to A Not So Jaded Life