The Versatile Blogger Award!



I was recently nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by Ana Franco  Thank you very much Ana for the lovely thought!

This award is given to members of the blogging community who have shown imagination, commitment to blogging, and versatility in the use of their blogs.  It is meant to celebrate this kind of work and achievement.

Of course, there are rules to follow:

  • Show the award on your blog — done!
  • Thank the person who nominated you — done!
  • Share seven facts about yourself — done!
  • Nominate up to fifteen blogs — done!
  • Link their blogs, and notify them — done!


Seven Random Facts about Me

I love the new Avengers movie!

I just began reading Umberto Eco’s on literature

Even though I hate very hot weather, I am looking forward to the summer, especially the first half, when my work load at school will be significantly lessened.

I will be teaching Shakespeare, so I am very, very happy about that.

I am looking forward to planting and attempting to grow tomatoes.  We will see how that goes; I am not a man with a green thumb.

I am looking forward to a getaway at some point in the not-too-distant-future with my beloved wife.

We just came from having excellent eggs benedict at a wonderful local diner called The Bacon Strip — in Coplay, PA.

Here are the bloggers I have nominated!

Anita & Jaw Dawes

Lynette Noni

Rebecca McLaughlin

Never Less Than Everything

Beverly A. Young


Once again, Thank you Ana Franco!