…scoff not at the honest endeavours of others…


This is a wonderful expression of thanks and appreciation to writers!

Seumas Gallacher

…to every man, woman, and child who ever picked up a pen or pencil, tapped at a typewriter, clicked at a keyboard, in an effort to WRITESUM’THING out of their own imagination, I salute yeez… each and every one of yeez… heroes and heroines all… lately, I saw a Facebook exchange about what constitutes a ‘good’ writer, a ‘successful’writer, a writer ‘of note’, which discussion also included some gratuitously offensive commentary on certain scribblers whose material didn’t ‘meet the expectations’ of some readers… I call those sniper ‘critics’ cringeworthy carpers, pedantic peddlers, humbugging hussies… I wonder how many of those, so quick to relegate so readily to the dustbin the literary effort of others, have ever written a book themselves?… I recall the time this ol’ Scots Jurassic completed my first novel… my maiden sortie into the universe of the wordsmith, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY… it was…

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80 Years of Caldecott Winners


This is another wonderful post from Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

For all you book lovers, this year marks the 80th year of the prestigious Caldecott Medal Award.

The Randolph Caldecott Medal annually recognizes the preceding year’s “most distinguished American picture book for children”, beginning with 1937 publications.

This award is presented to the artist (illustrator) , while the Newbery Medal is presented to the author for literature.

I knew nothing of this award until I visited our library when my children were young.  I quickly learned to spot the emblem, the gold seal affixed to the  cover of the book.  For me, it was a huge help in selecting books.  So, if you see a gold or silver (2nd place) emblem on a book, like the one below, rest assured it is an excellent book.

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts currently has on display all eighty Caldecott winning books.  All eighty.  I was a…

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Bird of the Far South (Pt. II)~


Here are more beautiful photographs from Cindy Knoke!

These birdies give us a good sense of how difficult bird identification is, and why I am sometimes uncertain of my labels. If you find I am wrong with an identification, please don’t hesitate to set me straight. I welcome the help. This is a male Kelp Goose who was photographed at the furthest southern point in Argentina. Kelp Geese are part of the sheldrake family and range from the southern portion of Patagonian Chile to Tierra del Fuego and The Falkland Islands. They have yellow legs and feet.

Here we have a Kelp Goose chick, note the dark legs on the chick, and the yellow legs on the adult.

These are Upland Geese. They are also birds of the far south. They have the same basic coloration, but male Upland Geese have black feet and females have yellow feet. I was pretty sure this was a female Upland Goose…

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Charles F. French Mailing List




I realized recently that one part of my promotional work that I have not done is the creation of a mailing list. While I know it is very important, I also do not want to put up a pop-up request for anyone to sign up. I will, therefore, beg right here! If you are willing to be put on my mailing list, please contact me at frenchc1955@yahoo.com  A simple saying of mailing list in the subject is sufficient. If you are someone with whom I have regular or semi-regular contact, I will simply add you to the list. I promise that I will NOT share this information with anyone. I will completely respect your privacy. I will use the list to create the occasional mailer about my writing.

Thank you so much!





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How to Jumpstart Book Reviews for Self-Published Books!


This is a wonderful post all authors should read!

K. D. Dowdall


It’s never been a better time to be a self-published author, and there have never been more book reviewers available to the writer who decides to go indie.

Book reviewers help spread the message about your book by publishing a review to their own network. But if you’re new to publishing, you have to figure out how to get those book reviews that can bring you more readers.

First, Get Your Kit Together

Before you go hunting for reviewers, make sure you’ve got the essentials you’ll need. At the minimum you should have:

Either a PDF or an ePub of your book, or both. Include the covers, and also have the cover available as both a high-resolution (300 dpi) and low-resolution (72 dpi) graphics, preferably in JPG format

For print books, plenty of copies and mailing supplies. If you’re publishing via print on…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2018!




May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

(Traditional Irish Blessing)