Roberta Writes – Sunday Stills, Purple and Tuesday Tanka


Please enjoy the excellent creativity in Robbie Cheadle’s post!

Terriโ€™s Sunday Stills prompt this week is purple. Purple is not my favourite colour but I do like mauve and the more pinky purples. You can join in Terriโ€™s challenge here:

Maroon day lily after the rain

Purple shoes and handbag

Purple hair and trousers

Purple fondant flowers

Tanka Tuesday

Terri also provided the picture for this weekโ€™s Tanka Tuesday challenge hosted by Colleen. You can join in here:


Elusive freedom

Hovers just beyond my grasp

Shackled as I am

By my man-made needs and wants

Which bind me tightly

By Robbie Cheadle

This is an additional haiku I wrote which is unrelated to the challenge

Lonely Death

Outliving your friends

Means there is no one to mourn

When death comes calling

By Robbie Cheadle

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