What Are You Currently Reading?



Hello to everyone!

Here is a quick question for you–what book or books are you currently reading?

To answer my own question, I am reading:

Bruno, Chief Of Police by Martin Walker

Swan Peak by James Lee Burke

The Siberian Dilemma by Martin Cruz Smith

and Culture: The Story of Us From Cave Art to K-Pop by Martin Puchner.

It is an odd coincidence that three of the four books are written by authors with the first name of Martin.

So, I ask you–what are you reading?


24 thoughts on “What Are You Currently Reading?

  1. I’m reading the Game of Life and How to play it, by Florence Scovel Shinn, Secrets of Attraction by Sandra Anne Taylor and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, A radical awakening.

    I have to stop and take notes from time to time, they’re good reads! ♡

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  2. The Christmas Bookshop: Jenny Colgan. I have liked everything she writes because I can get lost in the stories. I’ve bought a lot of books that I don’t finish. They look good but…
    The Woman Who Kept Everything: Jane Gilley It’s another one that looks like fluff but has a point.

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  3. Currently reading Inside Story by Martin Amis, Flash in the Dark by Allison Spooner its a collection of her mini short stories, The Best American Essays of 2021 edited by Katherine Schultz, The Oxford Book of English Short Stories, edited by A.S. Byatt and The Oxford Book of Essays, edited by John Gross. Lots of heavy reading.

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