The Cult of Rock and Stone


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Bonjour From Brittany

In Brittany, it seems almost impossible to travel more than a few miles without seeing some form of ancient megalith. While many are older than the written word, their real meanings today remain clouded in mystery, shrouded in superstition and folklore.

Erected between approximately 3,500 to 6,500 years ago, Brittany’s megaliths range from single standing stones known as menhirs (Breton for long stone) to lengthy alignments of stones; from a simple dolmen (Breton for stone table) to more complex passage tombs. In its most basic form, a dolmen consists of just three stone slabs; two set upright supporting a flatter slab that formed the roof of a burial chamber. The whole structure would originally have been covered by stones and earth to form a small but significant mound in the landscape and where such mantles survive, they are called tumuli.

Stone Worship - Menhir - Dolmen - Brittany

It is widely believed that prehistoric man worshiped celestial…

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