Thank You Letters!


Please enjoy this post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Today we got mail!  Our pen-pals in Michigan sent us a gigantic thank you letter.  What a treat!  Thank you Beth at I didn’t have my glasses on….

Just look at all that beautiful drawing and hard work.  It is stunning!  That was a big project, and the children were excited.

It’s all about saying “Thank You”, which is fundamental and something young children love to do.  When the words aren’t there, the pictures and drawings speak loudly.  Children express themselves through drawing.

We wrote a big thank you letter to Dan the Tool Man at No Facilities Today he sent this photo:

He was thrilled!  Getting a thank you letter meant a lot to Dan.  Of course I showed the photo to the children.  They started chanting,  “Dan the Tool Man” over and over.  See, a thank you letter makes a big difference.

It’s as powerful for the sender…

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