Mother of the Korrigans


Please enjoy this fascinating post by Bon Repos Gites,
Bonjour From Brittany.

Bonjour From Brittany

The most commonly found supernatural creatures in the folklore of Brittany are the korrigans; a race of capricious magical dwarves who live underground surrounded by vast wealth and who venture out at night to play cruel tricks upon the race of humans that robbed them of their ancient, scared lands. Some tales claim that korrigans share the same roots as fairies, some that they are the descendants of the giant first men of Brittany and others that they are tormented souls, condemned to wander the lonely moors at night.

However, one Breton tale ascribes the origins of the magical korrigans to a most powerful enchantress named Koridwen, wife to Hu-Ar-Braz, the first of the druids, with whom she bore three children. In addition to their first born, a son named Mor-Vrau, they had a daughter, Kreiz-Viou, who was reputed to be the most beautiful girl in the world and another son…

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