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Please enjoy this post from John Bainbridge at “Country Ways”!

Country Ways

The other day it didn’t actually rain, so we went for a little stroll from Askham to Helton and Whale, in beautiful bright sunshine.

A little walk of just five miles, but always pleasant, despite the litter strewn along the verge between Askham and Whale.

What possesses people to just chuck rubbish from their cars is beyond me? Not all tourists either. There’s a Cumbrian lane near to us that we’ve taken several bags of litter in just a mile of walking. And that’s a lane that’s not on the tourist trail at all – just a commuter route to a neighbouring village.

Where we can we pick up litter. It’s a well-known fact that litter attracts litter – the more that’s junked the more a place gets. Pick it up and hopefully you discourage some of the offenders. And if you see someone dropping litter or fly-tipping please do…

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