Remembering My Mentor and Hero, Jim Trelease


Here is a wonderful tribute to Jim Trelease by the extraordinary teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Jim Trelease visiting my classroom.

Jim Trelease, the man who put reading-aloud on the map as #1 for children, has died. I had his million copy bestseller book since my kids were little. When I heard him speak at a teacher conference, I wanted to stand on a table and yell at all the teachers in attendance to listen to this man, because I knew he was spot on. I wrote to him, and a year later he wrote back. The rest is history…

It happened like this…

Back in the 80’s I found The Read-Aloud Handbook.  It was my ‘bible’ when our kids were little.  At the same time my reading aloud in the classroom became the best part of the day, because it made the biggest difference.  My head was always spinning and my heart was always overflowing.  The children couldn’t get enough.  I started reading chapter…

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