My Teacher Lightbulb Moment – Part 1


Please read and enjoy this excellent post from the extraordinary teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Fellow blogger Don at Don Ostertag: Off Stage recently commented, “If only other teachers were children at heart.”

It hit home with me, because that is when I became a ‘real’ teacher.  That’s when I found my heart.  No, that’s when I melded with children’s hearts.

It happened like this…

I was always a good teacher.  I planned exciting lessons.  Children loved me.  Parents were happy.  Yet, back then I never understood there was more to being a teacher.  Well, perhaps I never realized it at the time.

Early on in my preschool teaching, I interacted with children with the best of intentions, yet often struggled to feel that I had made a connection, much less a difference.  Even though I was always a caring and kind teacher, there was a self imposed ‘you and me wall’.  I was the teacher, and you were the student.  Teaching meant teaching information…

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