Never Underestimate Children’s Creativity


Please enjoy another wonderful post from the brilliant teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

I am still learning.  After 39 years of teaching preschool, I still learn from children.  Thank goodness!  Today was one of those days, or I should say one of those ‘moments’.

It happened like this…

We’re learning about woodland animals.  Bears have been very popular.  Our loft has become a bear cave, we had a Teddy Bear Clinic with a nurse, and we made a giant Brown Bear, Brown Bear with ‘tear art’.

Children are working hard.

Today we created our own bears.  We had many circles of different sizes and shades of brown.  Watching children select the sizes of the circles, and how they placed them for bear parts was a joy.  Every child’s perception was different.  Vastly different.  Art and creativity flowed.

And then there was Maddie…

She’s one of the older children.  She loves art, so when she glued this I was surprised:

“Maddie, can you tell…

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