How Is Your Writing Progressing?



It is the month for often frenzied writing activity, although I hope most of you continue on a regular pace throughout the year. I have found that such an approach of doing about 500 words a day is extremely productive. At that pace, you can produce about 150,000 words in a year, or about two first drafts!

I am very pleased to say that I have just finished the first draft of a horror novel I have been working on. The draft is a mess and needs a great deal of revision, but now I have something to work on. I will put it aside and begin writing another first draft.  Then comes revision.

So, I ask all of you: how is your writing going?


23 thoughts on “How Is Your Writing Progressing?

  1. Lots of writing, on many fronts, public & private – continues on – and yet – I’m working through various ‘skills’ training/education, to ‘fly by seat of pants to just write out that horrible first draft’ on ideas, proposals, reports, etc., and learning graphic design/info graphic creation skills in a mind-map tool to…..make all I have to propose/report on displayed in a picture – or to map out outlines – characters – plot line possiblities – ideas/ROI/etc. To build a world of possibilities built off facts/stated missions & goals of today – in work – to dream big – create a world – develop characters so solid – I don’t HAVE to know how the story ends – I need only start it – learn more about each charcter that ‘showed up’ and the twists, turns and ending? Will just write itself, really, if I get to ‘know them each’ and listen to what they tell me –

    That’s my ‘reporting in’ – I do so hope I haven’t caused you to question, whether I use the book purchased from you, or not – um – well – there are many works that speak to me, inspire and motivate me, but to get started? I love the ones that manage to ‘meet me where I’m at’ and show me ways to learn more/better – all while starting out with what I already am prone to doing/naturally do or have been long trained to do – that I don’t resent the doing of – LOL Thanks, Charles and Best wishes on your next, new Horror Novel!

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