What Are You Working On?




This last month has been a lost one for me in terms of writing. The need to find a new place to live, to pack, and to move has dominated the life of my family.  Now, however, I can return to writing, and I am very excited about it!

I will continue to work on the first draft of my latest horror novel, and I hope to have that draft complete by the end of October.

So, I ask all the creative people out there: what are you working on?




17 thoughts on “What Are You Working On?

  1. I am working on the second book of my series about the fantasy world of Trueterra, a world populated by cats. The first book is “A Vacant Throne: Dreams of the Sleeping Cat.” This one is (working title) “Sword of Trueterra.” Any beta readers out there?

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  2. Client website designs, infrastructure to maintain website with updated tools that can be quickly done, content for client sites, research to use the right words to best express my clients needs/marketing – on the side?

    Writing in journal – working on copy for my own website – stripping out the ‘okay – gotta update this from 2015″ and editing to get back to perennial basics on content, no matter how tech world changes, to educate upon the mind set, assessing needs, building something sustainable –

    Journaling – writing out synopsis cards on this or that WIPs that occur to me, “oh, mindset/ephiphany/etc. might be useful to those over here, if ever I publish this book/info pdf/educational info’ when I write a ‘version of it, for use elsewhere –

    Once in awhile, in my free time stolen to just ‘write for me – but connect with others?”

    I ‘blog/write/express support and/or concerns” in social media, via comments –

    So yeah – I write every damn day – whether a book will ever be published on any front, OTHER than court transcript to convict me of ‘going bat s**t crazy and broke the PC, marketing or hurted other’s feelers laws? LOL

    Some of it gets sent, published, conveyed and some of it? I edit to give a polish to my shorthand, made sense at the time, journalling stuff – cuz I might die someday and few could read/understand my journal – LOL

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      • Why…splutter…thank you Charles – um, I don’t count it as busy – to me? Non-productive IF I wish to be a published author – true – it earns my living – on some fronts, makes me a better person – but as far as WIP and publishing something to earn from being an author?

        Um, not meeting goals set, at all – so…um…WOW! And, I also do not equate ‘being busy’ with being productive – but when I write? Any writing I do ALL counts on every front – from checklist/how to for client wishing to take over their website stuff, to what I write in my journal – on writing fronts?

        If the goal is to write everyday? DONE!
        If the goal is to write 1,000 words a day? Blew that puppy out of the water – don’t I, Nailed IT! Every durn day –
        If the goal is to earn my living from published works under my name?

        Massive Faiure! LOL
        But, then, well – the only reason stats and metrics suck or look great is totally dependent upon goals/milestones set – thus – to me?

        Sometimes I lay down at night and say to myself – “Success! You once again, wrote today – so you continue to nail the ‘write every day’ adage of how-tos – and I read everyday – too – a variety – thus, on top 10 lists that span many ages on advise to writers?

        Um, read a lot, write alot? Man alive – I got those to down to a science/can do without thinking twice – LOL

        And some day? Ah yeah – it will pay off, but I’m getting payoffs everyday, just from the exercise of it – so to me? It all COUNTS! LOL

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  3. I’ve been doing a lot of promotion this month for A Gold Satin Murder, but I’m trying to fit in time to finish another draft of my epic urban fantasy, which I’ve been working on for some time. It’s a challenge to work on several different things at once, but I’m getting there, slowly.

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