Robbie’s Inspiration – Recipes from Around the World: Beef stout stew


Please enjoy these delicious recipes from Robbie Cheadle! And I am so excited that she included one of the recipes from my characters in the little cookbook–The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook!

Robbie's inspiration

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas in July. It was also a farewell for Sister #2 who is moving to Cape Town. Sure, its in South Africa, but Cape Town is a 14 hour drive from Johannesburg and the flights are so expensive now, it’s cheaper to fly internationally than locally. It is rather sad as my dad won’t travel, he health isn’t very good, so I don’t think my parents will see much of them. My family will only see them once a year, if that. Anyhow, that is life and it is full of partings.

Anyhow, moves aside, the lunch was a great success. I spent a lot of time on Saturday preparing food for the lunch. Terence was working and went to the office so I had to do everything myself. It’s a jolly good thing I enjoy cooking.

The menu

Beef and Stout stew

Savoury rice

American baked…

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