Disaster of Roe V. Wade


I just returned from a small weekend excursion and learned of the news of the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Those who follow this blog know that I try not to comment on politics on this site; I attempt to keep it a place for writing and art. There are times, however, when I cannot be silent here.

In a country in which the overwhelming majority of Americans support the right of women to have control over their bodies, the Supreme Court struck a blow for the religious views of the far right, and they seem to have forgotten the concept of the separation of Church and State. This is an extreme action taken by an extreme component of the American society, and it frightens me because it is a movement that could end with the country being controlled by a religious minority. Perhaps, I am seeing the worst possible conclusion, but the history of the world shows movements towards tyranny if not otherwise opposed.

I am also dismayed to think about the people in this country who voted for a fringe left wing candidate instead of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. Had they voted practically, Roe V Wade would still be the established law of the land, and the Supreme Court would be a different makeup.

If Americans who support Women’s rights and are also in support of true gun control act in the next election, these mistakes can be rectified. But it will take a focused action, and a decision by Americans to support what the MAJORITY of Americans support.

Again, I am disgusted and dismayed by the Supreme Court. Please remember what happened during the next election, and let’s move the country back to a reasonable place away from the far right and potential fascism.

54 thoughts on “Disaster of Roe V. Wade

    • The Christian far right has been working toward this for more than four decades. Trump was a lucky (but not coincidental) break for them. They have pretty well taken over the Republican Party. They are not the “fringe.” They have also made common cause with the hardcore gun-rights supporters. It’s not a coincidence that Dobbs and the NY gun law decision — both sloppily decided, though in very different ways — came down in the same week. Short version: though I’d like to see Trump and his minions prosecuted, that’s not going to solve much of anything, and given the prevalence of fake “news” it may have the unfortunate side effect of making him a martyr to his already unhinged base.

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  1. They have not forgotten the concept of separation between church and state. They have long been obsessed with abolishing it and making the nation loyal to one religion. I am sickened by this but there are even darker things on the way. The pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction but it is up to us all to send it back.I
    I leave you to reflect on some wiser words than my own.

    “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
    ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Thank you for this post!! … in total agreement!! … “This is an extreme action taken by an extreme component of the American society, and it frightens me because it is a movement that could end with the country being controlled by a religious minority. Perhaps, I am seeing the worst possible conclusion, but the history of the world shows movements towards tyranny if not otherwise opposed.”

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  3. Thanks, Charles. I’m very concerned about our country and where it’s headed. It’s really terrifying. And I don’t think the right-wing Republicans who support this stuff realize that in the end, they’ll also pay the price for the end of democracy and civil rights.

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    • Thanks for saying that. It is obvious that they can’t think beyond the riches and power that might come their way. They push away all thoughts of how this will haunt them. I would love to see Katie Porter with her whiteboard explaining to them how if they got what they believe they want, the natural progression that would follow. It is time for the pendulum to swing LEFT.

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      • I agree, Lea. But our system of government is so damaged, especially now that the Supreme Court is undoing all the progress of the last 50 years. I’m without words to explain how dire it is. The Republicans doesn’t care about babies and children, that’s for sure. If they did, they wouldn’t be pro-poverty, pro-low wages, pro-mass shootings, pro-climate change, and anti-healthcare. They’re the party of death. Strange for a group who calls themselves “pro-life.”

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      • I hear you loud and clear. However, SCOTUS will not stop withh progress of the last 50 years. I’ve no doubt that Women’s Suffrage and that of other targeted groups will suffer. Birth Control will no longer be an option… the list is long but they have been compiling it for a very long time. A few of us tried to sound the alarm, one of the curses of being an Empath, but we are told that it couldn’t happen. When it does happen, we get blamed again for not being more insistant or that we never did warn them. Alas, so many do not want to know. They prefer to stay in their imaginary bubble and pretend it will all change in the next election. As a citizen, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves but also those who are misinformed or simply ignorant. I would love to clone Katie Porter and put her and her whiteboard on YouTube, TV and in Town Halls across the land. Keeping America ignorant has long been their goal. That and scapegoating anyone that may be a bit different, or not conforming, is the path to were you are now. I’m old enough to remember one of the old hippie songs, For United We Stand, Divided We Fall… truer words were never spoken (or sung). My degrees are in Psychology and I’ve worked with most every group/agency out there. My last “job” was in a private counseling center. We catered to those who couldn’t afford to go elsewhere. I was also working at Child Protective Services at the time. I’m all too aware of what this misogynistic war from SCOTUS will do to the most vulnerable.
        Forgive me, It seems I’ve jumped back up on my soapbox again. It was good to hear from you.

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  4. HI Charles, I was pleased to read your view on this disastrous event. This doesn’t just impact on America as the rest of the world follows the USA. This decision is going to impact on women everywhere in the world. Many people in my country are not even aware of this case and the implications of its overturning, but I have been putting them in the picture for three days. I have been thinking for some time that women have become to lackadaisical about the rights we fought so hard to achieve and I was of the view something like this was around the corner. That is the reason I included the suffragettes and Margaret Sanger and her fight for the right for women to use contraception in my novel. I wanted women to know how hard it was to gain this territory. Now it is too late.

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    • Hi Robbie, thank you so much! I agree with you that this decision will have far reaching implications, and I hope women and the men who support women’s rights realize that we must do what we can, including voting and letting others know about our opinions. We must stand up now.

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  5. Besides letting the Supreme Court or state legislatures decide, I think legalized abortion should be put to the popular vote. I think abortion is a personal decision each woman should make for herself, but as for me, I could never abort a baby. I consider it murder.

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    • You are absolutely correct. Reproductive rights are far from the only things on their agenda. Women’s Suffrage and that of people of color are also at risk. Of course, gun makers, and gun sellers have nothing to worry about. It is crystal clear that “pro-life” ends at birth in America.

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  6. As a Canadian, I worry about you all down there, but looking at the bigger picture, I see peoples’ rights being eroded in many countries. At least Americans have the power to vote. You can make a huge difference by taking action. Apathy will kill your freedom faster than anything, so I’m hoping to hear of grassroots actions everywhere in November. Wish I could do more to help.

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