Have a Blessed Litha and Summer Solstice!




June 20-June 21st is one of the most important times in the pre-Christian Celtic calendar. It is the solstice and the day with the longest daylight of the year, and it is a celebration of the coming summer. This year, Litha is celebrated on June 24, so I am offering a week long Holiday wish for all!

Please understand, that there is nothing evil or Satanic in this holiday or its celebration. It is simply an expression of seasonal joy.

Happy Solstice!

Blessed Litha!



19 thoughts on “Have a Blessed Litha and Summer Solstice!

  1. I awoke all by myself to greet in the ‘summer solstice’ early this a.m. – late by daylight savings time, early if we were still on standard time – LOL All I know is this – new spring born babies frolic and play – on neighbor’s ranches, horse herds, in the wild, and feral land – – new green growing things burst forth and shout, just like the Whos that Horton Heard, “We are here! We are here!” and well, my inner clock/physiology? just seems bound and determined to shake off the winter blues/resting and dive forth into ‘go, go, GO! Now is the time! Carpe Diem (um…Seize the Day??) etc. May your Summer Solstice and Lilath celebrations on the 24th be blessed with the resources that showed up in my world, right on time, just when I needed them – for body, mind and soul!

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  2. Let me wish you Happy Litha, Solstice and agree totally. There is no evil, just joy in the summer that is coming.
    I will add ‘ Midsommardagen’ which is Swedish and greatly celebrated. Sameday.. Midsummer Day.


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