How Is Everyone Doing?




The last couple of years have been turbulent, to be a bit understated, and I hope everyone is finding their way through all the difficulties we face.

I simply wanted to wish everyone well.

Please try to be kind and to find joy at least once a day.

I want to ask everyone: how are you doing?



39 thoughts on “How Is Everyone Doing?

  1. Hi Charles, I am doing well. I hope you are too. Still writing, lucky to work from home, did not get sick, rediscovered my love for journaling, and my to-read piles are still high!

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  2. No damaging Hail or Tornadoes yet, just rain arriving in storm clouds, and no one in my circle of four leggeds or family have died – thus, one of the least turbulent June’s I’ve had in quite some time and feeling pretty blessed! (knock on wood…..) – Checking in from Colorado, USA – 😀

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  3. Hi Charles. I’ve been doing okay. Writing wise, the bad side is that with everything else going on in my life that takes up time, I still feel as if I’ve run out of steam for new material, which is never a good feeling. On the good side, though, even though my novel’s publisher had to close due to the impact of Covid, the publisher of those anthologies featuring my work has agreed to publish a 2nd edition. The cover has been revealed, and hopefully soon pre-order links will be up.

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  4. Hi Charles, just jumped back onto WordPress after a way-too-long absence and looking forward to catching up on your writing. So…I think I’m doing well as a result…and trust you are also. Life indeed has been even more complex the last couple of years, but I wish for better days ahead for all of us!

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  5. I’m doing fine, Charles, and I count my blessings for that. I hope you’ve been doing okay through all this and are adjusting to this new ‘normal’ we’re living with. Have to say, though, I no longer have a clear definition of what normal is, but that’s okay too.

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  6. Charles, this is so nice! I am well, teaching is all-consuming yet filled with those wonderful moments that happen with young children. Parents can now come into the classroom, which is huge! We just had our first event with families in a long time. I am the glass-half-full, and it is far more than half full. Summer is almost here, and I will switch gears to writing and lit agents, AND getting my query letter down to one page. Writing my memoirs is a beacon, thanks to you. 🙂

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