Pen-Pal Explosion


Please enjoy this wonderful post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Our Pen-Pal Wall

Back in April, when school was celebrating children around the world, it struck me that reaching out to other children would be a wonderful thing to do.  We could write letters, send cards, get to know each other.  We could become Pen-Pals.

I emailed fellow preschool teachers – Beth in Michigan I didn’t have my glasses on….  and Ritu in Kent, U.K. But I Smile Anyway…

My goodness, they were as excited as I was.  The children were, too.  We wrote cards with pictures and words, straight from the heart.  It was days of work, swinging from fun to serious.  Children wanted to make beautiful pictures, and they wanted to write words to other children.  This was a big deal.  Writing is hard for preschoolers, yet wanting something makes the hard much easier.

Michigan is 720 miles away.  Beth’s students replied with a flood of cards…

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