Can Anyone Help With Suggestions For Comp Titles For A Query Letter?



Hello to all the writers and readers out there! I am currently working on a query letter for my YA Dark Fantasy novel, The War Of The Sidhe. In this novel, In 1968, in small town PA, three bullied teens, Dancer, James, and Micah, find refuge in their kind English teacher’s class. When he is missing, to save him, they must defeat a supernatural creature and its followers or die trying. One of the issues I have learned is that the writer who is doing the query letter should include comps, or comparable titles, of books to suggest to the literary agent, to whom the author is submitting the letter, where the book would belong on a bookstore’s bookshelves. The comps preferably should be no more than about from 3 years ago. That presents a problem for me, because I suggest Stephen King’s It and Stranger Things, which is not a book. If any of you can make any suggestions about possible comps, I would certainly appreciate the help!

17 thoughts on “Can Anyone Help With Suggestions For Comp Titles For A Query Letter?

  1. I thought of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters series, though it’s from more than 3 years ago – but perhaps her more current work? I’ve never read her works, but many I interact with (and did at the library) who read YA and were into supernatural/fantasy works were huge fans of her work….. If not helpful at all, oops! sorry! But reading your post? If I still worked at the library and it came in? Readers of her works, is who I would be asking, “Hey! Just got this new book in, want me to put you first on the hold list for as soon as I get it catalogued?” 😀

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      • My advice, to any author, is if you aren’t friends with one passionate, loves their job, librarian? Go to your local library, hang out, visit, find ONE! Why? Librarians who passionately care about books, authors, and their customers/patrons? Who believe in the Library Bill of Rights? Oh, those folks? Are the authors BEST friend, overall – from help like this request AND the more circulation stats? The more orders come in – more book clubs who read. Me? If ever I actually PUBLISH Something? First thing I’m doing is reaching out to offer doing an author event/visiting a bookclub as guest author/giving a free copy to each library within a 50 mile radius of me – I live in what urbane, sophisticated folks cite as ‘middle of nowhere’ but I’ve got 7 libraries spread between 3 library districts, within 50 miles of me – Those in charge of sponsoring book clubs, local groups who are interested in what you write about and someone who is willing to come do a free event? They will promote you! For Free! or, at least in rural libraries they do – but I’ve seen local authors sell more books than they brought with them to sign/sell, simply by doing an author visit/event, at the local library –

        Sorry so long, but, in my heart? I’m actually a Librarian – They have the potential to be hubs for the community, when run correctly – and through public funding? They are for ALL of us! Sadly, I just couldn’t do all I yearned to do – while working there full time – but I still, in my heart, drank the kool-aid, long ago, on the core principals/ideals/aspirations, of The LIbrary (que the inspirational, awe inspiring music….) LOL

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      • I watched it, in person for 7 local authors – all of whom ‘self-published’ – It does work, if your local library staff is engaged with clubs, and community. BTW? I wrote the opening paragraph, of my book today – thus, if I manage to get done what hasn’t been finished on various WIPs over 10 years? I’ll keep a spreadsheet of stats – and let ya know what it looks like when I live my own advice – 😀

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  2. Sylvia Frederick

    I am not up on what you are asking. However, I thought i would put some thoughts to you. Not a book butTalisman going into the dungeon comes to mind. Also adventures like sherlock Holmes games. Mystery books. Maybe you can look up new titles under adventure,Mystery, and clue titles. Hope this jogs some help. xoxo

    SYLVIA FREDERICK Sylvia Frederick 610-216-3441

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