When Will The Madness End?


Those who read this blog know that I try very hard to stay away from politics in it. This is not because I do not have very strongly held political beliefs, because I do; rather, it is because I wanted to focus this site on writing, reading, and other kinds of art.

Sometimes though, I cannot and will not remain silent. Today, there was another horrific school shooting at an elementary school, with, at last count, at least 18 dead. My level of shock and horror is almost impossible to fathom.

My disgust is also massive with the people who refuse to enact basic gun control legislation. We are the only nation in the world suffering from these all too regular shootings, and the so-called basis of the gun rights groups is that of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Well, as a college professor and teacher of English, I suggest that anyone who takes  that position return to school for a refresher  in grammar, including what a dependent clause is and its function.

Beyond that, where is the humanity of anyone–ANYONE–who would place the ownership of guns over the lives of children, of elementary children? A piece of machinery that is built with one purpose, and that is to kill, should never be more important than lives. And please spare the old, tired refrain of “guns don’t kill people.” That is not only inane, but it is also socially insane. Yes, guns kill people. A pen is created to write, a screwdriver to work on construction, a camera to take photos, and yes, people, guns are created to kill–to kill.

Please, spare the “thoughts and prayers” pablum that does nothing except soothe the consciences of those who do the bidding of the gun makers and the gun lobbyists. For the sake of those killed and those left behind, I implore the Senate to act.

Let’s finally pass some basic gun-control and background check legislation. If you would argue that it doesn’t work, then I do not know what else to say to you, except that the next time a child is killed in a shooting like this one, the next time parents have to suffer the horror of knowing their child was sacrificed on the alter of doing nothing about gun violence, ask yourself how you can look in the mirror?

67 thoughts on “When Will The Madness End?

  1. I’m past sorrow. I’m past horror. As a mother, I’m incensed, livid, furious. America has an effing gun fetish, and if dead children won’t cure it, nothing will. Twenty-eight years ago, it all started with a dozen teenagers and a teacher gunned down at a high school in Colorado, my home state. There were tears and prayer vigils, but nothing substantial was done. Ten years ago, we saw all those dead kindergartners on TV after Sandy Hook, but nothing happened. Now there are more dead little ones; why should we expect change this time? 😦

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  2. All one has to do is read about Australia, which in some ways shares a “wild west” historical narrative with the USA, to see that it CAN be done. Many people there were similarly adamant against tightening their gun laws, but enough brave and compassionate politicians dared/cared to act, and they changed their gun ownership laws significantly. I believe the result has been FAR fewer mass shootings than in the USA. And I recently saw an interview with one of the politicians in Australia who had fought against tightening gun ownership laws who now is a big fan of the changes they enacted. All I see is deep fear underneath the bravado of the folks in the USA who continue to be opposed any meaningful legislative changes in our gun ownership laws…

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  3. I’m completely disgusted with the “thoughts and prayers” crap from the politicians. They and the NRA have the blood of innocents on their hands. I think you’re right. We are living in a country where the right to own a gun is more important than the life of a child.

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  4. I agree with you and am deeply sick of it all. The people who value guns over and above the lives of children are often the same people who claim to be “pro life” valuing a fetus over and above the life of the woman.
    The current behavior re guns (the lack of regulation) is the definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result.
    Still, we must stand up and demand change. Demand gun-free areas, sensible gun laws, waiting periods, checking permits, the revoking of permits in domestic abuse situations… and so on. Most importantly we must speak out as you have via your blog. Thank you.

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  5. Surely amongst the thousands of dead there must be the children of someone who has refused to make changes to the 2nd Amendment. Do they still feel the same way that legislation is not warranted? Hopefully not. Use them to convince the other waverers that nothing is worth the life of a child or dedicated teacher. I know many gun owners favour sensible Legislation, so who doesn’t? THE NRA AND THE GUN MANUFACTURERS IS WHO. They should not be allowed to buy the votes of your Congressmen and women. We in the UK cheered when Dodge City Au. was closed down.

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  6. Thank you, Charles, for your strong and caring article.
    I do find it impossible to understand such violence at all. Even worse that it is backed by 50 Senators.
    I wish America a new awakening. LIFE MATTERS.


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  7. As long as the NRA fills the coffers of Republican congressmen nothing will change. The gun lobby is one of the most powerful. It’s disgusting and heartbreaking that we are governed by greed, that gun rights matter more the lives of our children. America the ugly.

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  8. I think the laws will not change until the survivors of these shootings– the classmates of the murdered children who watched them die– grow up and run for congress. I cannot believe what a bunch of ostriches we have in congress.

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  9. It is a horror that people can hear about the death of children, sorry, the murder of children, young children and still say “this isn’t the time to talk about gun control” or “you can’t ban guns” (including assault rifles)… assault rifles… who the hell is using that for “home defence?”

    Those of us across the pond who see these things happening in the US, our heart breaks for those victims, the families of those victims and everyone who fears it will happen to them/their children. But we are shocked at the responses from so many people – people who even have children, and still put their guns above their children.

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