From Dinosaurs to the Stop Game


Here is another example of excellent teaching from Jennie, the wonderful educator!

A Teacher's Reflections

Today was one of those ‘moments’ in teaching, the ones that turn something small into something big.  It was a simple question, yet it opened a whole new world for children.

It happened like this…

Every day we have the ‘Question of the Day’ posted for children when they arrive in the classroom.  The question is written on the easel, and there are two trays alongside- one for ‘yes’ and one for ‘no’.  Children find their name on a big craft stick and place it on the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ tray.  Today’s question was, “Do dinosaurs still live?”

After snack we tally the votes.  This is terrific, because children watch as we mark the tally votes- four lines and a cross line.  That’s five.  They’re now able to recognize five without counting the lines.  That’s subitizing.

We tallied the votes, 10 ‘no’ and 4 ‘yes’.  That prompted a discussion…

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