A Visit to The Eric Carle Museum


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A Teacher's Reflections

Just when I thought I might not discover something new, my recent visit to the Eric Carle Museum proved me very wrong.  Everything I experienced and saw was very new.  Lucky me!

The main event was the museum’s annual Barbara Ellerman Research Library (BERL) lecture.  This year’s presenter was Wendell Minor.  This is what is said about Minor:

“With roots in the images of the American Midwest and in classic American book illustration created by N.C. Wyeth, Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper, Minor has brought the art of twentieth-century illustrators into the twenty-first century.”
~Anita Silvey, author and editor~

Wow!  I was excited!

Minor has illustrated over two thousand book jackets of many famous authors, including David McCullough, James Michener, Harper Lee, and Mary Higgins Clark.  I knew these books and their jackets.  I hadn’t realized he was such a prolific artist.  Do you recognize these award winning books:


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