If I lived in a world where books were banned…


Here is an excellent post, an addition to the U.L.S. The Underground Library Society, by one of my students!


I would memorize the book For Brown Girls With Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts by Prisca Dorcas Monica Rodriguez. Rodriguez covers a diverse amount of topics such as voluntourism, colorism, and toxic masculinity. An important discussion she highlights is the struggles of Impostor Syndrome in a new system. The system for her happens to be a predominantly white space in education. From Florida International University (a predominantly Hispanic institution) to Vanderbilt University (a predominantly white institution), Prisca soon experienced the infamous Impostor Syndrome. One of the challenges she experienced with getting into an elite institution was the historical demographic the institution was catered for: white males. As a woman of color, she questioned whether she was worthy of attending an institution where the majority of the people do not look like her. She grew up in an immigrant household and was surrounded by a large Hispanic population in Florida and…

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