Gloria Goes To Washington – Part 1


Here is another wonderful post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Gloria has been in Washington D.C. with a classmate (I’ll call him Tim.)  His father sent an email and photos to the class each day about Gloria’s adventures in Washington.

Hey Aqua Room,

Tim wanted to send a note to give you an update on Gloria’s trip!  Today Gloria got to see the Lincoln Memorial.  President Lincoln believed in equality for all, which is a lesson we thought Gloria would like as well.

Tim also wanted to let everyone know he misses them!

Oh my goodness!  How wonderful is this on so many levels:

  • Gloria actually traveled to National places in Washington.
  • A child wanted Gloria to see Washington.
  • A parent “got it”, understood the big picture, and sent emails and photos to the class.

Understanding that Gloria is a person, accepting Gloria for who she is, and including her as a member of the family, is a life lesson…

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