Russia Invades Ukraine: An Act of War By A Dictatorship


I try very hard to stay away from politics in my blog. I attempt to deal with writing and creativity, but some events demand that writers speak out.

Russia, led by Putin, has invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation and is conducting war against that country. Additionally, some in the U.S.A. are actively supporting Putin, and that is horrifying. How can an American support the actions of a Fascist dictator against another country? Have we forgotten the Soviet Union, and have we ceased to remember the actions of Hitler?

I am not calling for America to go to war, but everything that can be done to stop and/or punish Russia for this craven attack on Ukraine must be done. Americans need to cease using this as a political football to attack the other party–that is unconscionable and utterly devoid of morality.

I fear for the lives on innocent people in Ukraine, and I am sure there are already many dead or wounded. Let us always remember that in the words of John Donne, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” The people of Ukraine do not deserve what is happening, and we must all speak out, including against Americans who support this abomination.

62 thoughts on “Russia Invades Ukraine: An Act of War By A Dictatorship

      • Great article Sir, America is failing to understand that Ukraine like Poland did in 1922 coincidentally against Lenin’s Russia is saving Europe and perhaps America from Putin’s Russia. Putin has two things in mind, one to divide NATO, based on the old saying divide and conquer and number two, conquering Europe revitalizing a new Russian empire. As Americans we must support Ukraine’s cause by helping that country monetarily and with the vital resources that they need in its war with Russia. Putin has never changed his old KGB mentality and it was corroborated years ago when he said that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worse geopolitical disaster the world has faced. In other words he feels resentment for the fall of the Soviet Union.

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  1. Reblogged this on K Morris – Poet and commented:
    I agree completely with the views expressed in this post. I stand with the people of Ukraine against the unprovoked aggression of Vladimir Putin.
    Its instructive to note that many of the apologists for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine come from the far-left or the far-right of the political spectrum. Communists and fascists are equally detestable and the ideology of Putin draws on both political traditions.

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  2. It is not surprising that Trump and his followers to take Putin’s side to be in a position to use it against Biden. It is the same in Canada. The ‘right’ will champion anything if it gives them the opportunity to bash Trudeau and the Liberal party. Sad.

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  3. I fully agree with you, Charles! But when the USA would try to end this war, we would instantely have the Third World War. I know its horrible, and i have to blame our German government, for not earlier stopping this pipeline, initiated by the former German chancellor Schröder. Most of the economical income of Bavaria also is based on the production of so called “DualUse” goods, and trading with weapons, or goods usable for weapons always means to use them. ;-/ Best wishes, Michael

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  4. It’s an awful situation. I believe if NATO and Biden had calmed nerved instead of going ballistic, we could have avoided this

    Sadly, it’s people like you and me who are going to suffer and bleed.

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  5. There must also be a price for the commission of war crimes. And of all the times to draw the line in the sand for “not-being the world’s police force….” I’d much rather have gone to war for Syrians, for those starving in Yemen and for the people of Ukraine than for oil and corporate interests. Where are our principles? Our commitment to democracy? I pray for Ukraine…it seems the world will give them little more…

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  6. I saw women with children at the border and thought of my son. What could be going through a Ukrainian parent’s mind right now? God help them. Then there are people buying into all sorts of misinformation against Ukraine. I have no patience for these types of people anymore. They disgust me almost as much as Putin. Despicable!

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  7. It is not common people who go to war, but the men common people elect (in democracies) and the men they allow to rule them (in autocracies, and dictatoships)! Yes, we are all to blame, but we also have the power to create change. Rise up sgainst those who would make war.
    Meanwhile, and I say this with gravity and dread, because killing is never a solution, but putting a bullet in Putin’s heart right now could save the lives of thousands, maybe millions.

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  8. Your post is strong and right. We should all make our voices heard against aggression and killing. I see the pain in people’s faces and confusion and fear in innocent children’s eyes. How can one man have so much power and cruelty.
    I didn’t know that there were American people on his side.
    That saddens me.
    Thank you for your clear article, Charles.

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