What Gives You Happiness In Writing?




Writers have many aspects to what they do, and creating a book is a large and arduous task. It often requires research, numerous drafts, editing, and proofreading to name some of the components.

And this is hard work.

But why do writers do this work if they do not enjoy what they do? I think most writers do take joy from their efforts, and I think they find reward in it. I would like to hear from you what you enjoy in the act of writing.

It would be completely legitimate, as I tell my students when posing a question to them, to ask me: what do I enjoy about writing?

Well, many aspects occur to me, but what I enjoy the most is the act of story-telling, of creating characters and seeing what happens to them.

So, I ask: what do you enjoy about writing?



34 thoughts on “What Gives You Happiness In Writing?

  1. HI Charles, like you I enjoy creating characters and escaping into their world. I get so caught up in their lives that I feel as if I am the person and I see through their eyes and hear through their ears. The part of writing that gives me the most personal satisfaction is editing. I am a perfectionist and enjoy the polishing and improvement of my work.

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  2. I get flashes of enjoyment through drafting when the scene plays out in front of me unbidden. Otherwise, I get the most enjoyment through revision when I can shape my raw materials. I like the play involved with editing also.

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  3. There is nothing more exhilarating than a new story idea that gets your blood rushing through your veins. If a story isn’t doing that for you, maybe it isn’t the story you need to write. That’s what brings me joy!

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  4. In answer, Charles – there are many things. When the words themselves work as hard as you want them too, and are truly heart-warming/fittingly horrifying/educational or titilating. I just love poetic descriptions that are unique and reach the same place as music does, at its best. I also so enjoy charcterisation, when a writer seems to make their protagonists/antagonists come almost alive on the page. No mean feat! Never enouigh time! Cheers.

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  5. I guess, overall, the same thrill I get from ‘talking’ here and there – I can say the same thing, over and over and over, but every once in awhile, I say the same thing, but to a person that, while I watch them, something just CLICKS! And it doesn’t matter if they’ve heard it before, or the story, or the joke, or the factoid, or the how-to 1,001 times before – ya just know when it falls into place for them, and in the end? You’re not always creating anything brand new, or saying anything new or special or genius – it’s just that, for that one moment in time? You said it in just the way another needed it expressed to make a difference for their life – THAT, to me, is the joy of writing, talking, training, writing how-tos, etc. – – When another gets excited and you can just see the waves of relief, or creativity or excitement rolling off them! And then? They go forth and ‘pass it on’ – That’s my joy in ANY of the communication I do –

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