What Are Your Writing Goals For 2022?


I am not a huge fan of declaring resolutions for the New Year, because they often set people up for failure. Too often, large changes are declared, and they may or may not be possible immediately.

I prefer to think in terms of goals, both long-term and short term and to set up situations in which, with discipline, you can achieve these ends. 

My immediate goal is to finish a revision of my YA horror novel; additionally, I want to do two more first drafts this years–one of a novel, and one of a nonfiction book on revision, and I want to revise at least one more novel. My first goal should be done by the end of January, but we will see. The important thing is to keep working and to keep writing.

My question for all of you is this: what are your writing goals for this year?



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41 thoughts on “What Are Your Writing Goals For 2022?

  1. My writing goals for the year include finding and agent and/or publisher for my middle-grade series and finishing the third book of the series. Along with this, finding new ways to find and grow my target audience. 🙂

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  2. To adjust enough of my work life, so I write, just for me, on my works, at least 20 minutes a day, before writing for others – dependent on how day unfolds on requests – 😀 It’s a goal set, it’s a ‘skill’ that will require me adjusting my internal landscape on priorities, etc. I’ll let ya know next December/January, how it played out – – LOL

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  3. No specific goals but a greater commitment to the process. Instead of fitting in my writing around my day I’m going to flip it and make the writing my priority. Also hope to complete a second draft by March and start a new memoir project. Thanks for asking!

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  4. You have given yourself excellent goals, Charles. I give myself a small series of goals, much like eating a hamburger- bite by bite. It feels manageable and I enjoy a series of very small successes that ultimately end in a bigger success. I don’t include specific time frames, as something always gets in the way. In this way, I have not set myself up for failure.

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  5. Hi Charles, As I’m facing the big 90, I’m a tad slower these days, but still plan on writing my two columns in our local, Spanish/English newspaper weekly and writing more posts for my WordPress site: https://joylennick.wordpress.com/ But my main source of irritation is in not finding a mainstream publisher for my eighth book The Dombrowski Portrait, about a Jewish family in Poland in World War 11 and a painting. Optimism reigns.

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