How Are You Doing With Your Writing?



November is coming to an end, and some of you have been doing NaNoWriMo, and others have continued with a somewhat less frenzied pace.

I am one of the people who tries to write on a regular basis and avoids binge writing. I  I am also continuing to work on what I am calling an historical fiction/romance–imagine that coming from this writer of horror! If I can maintain my current pace, I should be able to finish the first draft soon.

I will also begin revising one of the other first drafts I have completed. By the way, if you are wondering how I manage to do this, check out my book Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft — how’s that for a bit of shameless self-promotion!

So, I ask all of you: how is your writing going?


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36 thoughts on “How Are You Doing With Your Writing?

  1. Charles, I’m excited to hear you’re working on a new book in a new genre! 🙂

    I’ve compiled a book of poetry about the seasons and nature, and I’m in the process of getting the cover designed and the proofreading done now. I’m excited about the project. There’s no way I could do binge writing myself, but I admire those who undertake the project every November.

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  2. I wrote and illustrate on a regular basis too. To borrow a sports analogy I try every day to “advance the ball” on my projects. This week I finished The Professional Dog
    It’s probably my most ambitious project so far: 40 dog illustrations in an abecedarian art album. I’m not a binge sort of wriiter/illustrator. Slow and steady is my method. Perhaps with greater emphasis on steady. I’m glad, Charles, that you mentioned your book on writing. I love reading books about writing as they’re often so applicable to fine art and illustration! Thanks again for your post and letting me promo my book too.

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  3. I am doing good moving away from things about Tom, and back into professional self. Think of my art studio, but a lot of it is about writing these day moving into other writing interest. The instruction manual first, poetry and the children’s book project, I am revamping the writing on the Anisette Studio Website, and rewriting it. So lots of writing. Writing has help me so much. I hope what I have written helps others. And I am getting involved with the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

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  4. The manual I refer to is about the art I do, Those targeted for the use of the book are instructors of Shibui, students, art therapist and those who use art therapy. Facilities like NeuroRestoraive, Hasbro Children hospital both are interested in the problem solving creative process of Shibui. I will also court cancer centers, grief centers, centers like Day One for youth who have drug abuse issues___ Shibui is great as it is always an original art form but it could become a revenue stream for people who use it, along with instruction into the business end of art.

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  5. Writing is a very sore subject at the moment, Charles… probably because I was trying to keep all my balls in the air at the same time, I manage to drop them all and my WIP is a total mess. I would love to start again with something new, but all of my characters deserve better than that!

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  6. I’m still getting myself organized so that I can develop a regular schedule to get everything done, with writing coming first. I recently finished three microfiction pieces to submit to an anthology. Fingers crossed that they’re what the editor is looking for!

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  7. HI Charles, This is a very busy time of year for me work wise. I attempt to keep to my schedule of writing for 5 – 6 hours over weekends and doing my blogging and other writing. I am hoping to write a bit more during my December holiday. It feels so far away right now.

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  8. selizabryangmailcom

    Hi there. That’s interesting. What made you take a sudden right turn into a completely different genre? (Sorry if someone asked already and you answered this above) 🙂

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