What Do Children Think?


Thank you to Jennie for this wonderful post!

A Teacher's Reflections

It’s the last hurrah.  Fall is hanging on to its beautiful colors like a child playing in piles of leaves, or carefully making a bouquet of bright colored leaves.  That’s what children do when they are struck by wonder.  And, fall is wonder.

This tree shades the sandbox.

There’s something about wind
making red leaves rustle…
Children stop.
They listen.
They look.
They smile.
I do, too.

Up close the colors explode
when hit by sunlight.

It seems the leaves are every color,
as if they are a community of one.
This is color blind in a true sense.
“We are here!”, they say in a powerful way.

The sky looks blue, very blue.  At day’s end
pink appears in the blue sky.

Perhaps it is a warm smile at the trees
and fall colors.
Perhaps it is a thank you.
That’s what children think,
and so do I.


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