Here is a wonderful post about my novel Maledicus from one of my students at Lehigh University! Please follow her blog–she is also a writer!

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Three old guys enter a haunted house. While this sounds like the setup for a poor joke, it is actually the plot of author Charles F. French’s Maledicus, the first installment of The Investigative Paranormal Society trilogy. In my humble opinion, Maledicus is much more than a poorly written joke; it is a tale of love, good vs. evil, and bravery.

Roosevelt Franklin—yes, his parents seemed to have a sense of humor—spearheads the I.P.S. in, well, “ghost-hunting.” Ghost-busting will not occur until much later in the novel. Readers are first exposed to the I.P.S. as they explore a supposedly-haunted house. Not Helen’s house in which the evil, Roman spirit Maledicus resides, but another estate. French quickly establishes the unbreakable bond between the trio, their competency as a group, and what binds them all together—death. Roosevelt, Sam, and Jeremy have all lost a…

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