Thoughts on Education and Choice of Major


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The choice that we all make when we start our higher educational careers can be a rather complex one. There are so many things that you have to weigh when you are fresh out of high school with zero world experience just make it even harder. Choosing a major when you have no idea what you want to do can be daunting. Of course, you could always choose to go not declared but you will have to chose a major eventually so how do you choose?

That’s a question that’s hard to answer for anyone but what I can tell you is my experience and what my approach was to choosing my field of study and why I came to that decision.

Most us initially choose a major with the idea that if I get this degree I will get this job and make ‘x’…

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Education and Choice of Major

  1. When I was 17, and knew I wouldn’t be able to attend college due to funding, I took a test at the local work force center that was a multi-question, many question test, designed to rather tell you possible career options to look at, based on what you liked to do/preferred to do/was interested in – –

    The results? at 17?
    1. Psychology/Sociology fields
    2. Law Enforcement
    3. Hospitality Industry (hotel/restaurant/resort management)

    I laughed my butt off at the first two – the third made sense because I had, by that time, spent 3 years working in restaurants and had a dream that maybe someday, I would have enough knowledge and experience to manage or have my own restaurant…

    And then life happened – and I learned more, and made this change and that – and won’t go into details but……

    Without degree – I moved from restaurant/bar work into being a dispatcher for EMS/Law enforcement – then I worked through other support positions within and gained more skills – database/website development/management – and I started focusing on helping others on that front – the psychology and sociology of how tech tools and humans interacted/were useful, etc.

    And now? If I ever go to college (I’ve discovered the Peoples University and hope to be enrolled for spring 2022 classes! But, that all said?

    Sociology and Tech – AND every single thing listed on that workforce test at age 17 has played out during my ….um….let me count…..nearly 40 years in workforce sans any degree?

    Yup – it has all played out, over and over – 😀

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