Favorite Horror Films: 2–The Phantom Of The Opera



The Phantom of the Opera (1925) starring Lon Chaney Sr. is based on Gaston Leroux’s novel and was a huge success. This movie was a Universal Pictures production and was directed by Rupert Julian, although some film historian offer the possibility that Chaney himself was an uncredited director also.

Chaney played the deformed writer who falls in love with a singer and who becomes her kidnapper. This tale of horror and love has been redone numerous times, including the well known stage musical, but none of those productions have reached the sterling height of this extraordinary film.  If you are a fan of any of the more recent productions, you certainly should take the time to view this extraordinary movie. It is a piece of cinema history.


As with the Hunchback, Chaney created this makeup, and his performance is sublime.  The unmasking sequence, in which the imprisoned singer’s curiosity overtakes her, and she removes the mask covering the Phantom’s face, remains a moment of terror and excellent acting.


In my opinion, The Phantom Of The Opera Again, is not only an excellent horror film, but also it ranks as one of the best and most important works in American cinematic history. If you have not seen this film,  I recommend it highly.


29 thoughts on “Favorite Horror Films: 2–The Phantom Of The Opera

  1. I love this movie! To be honest, I love all things “Phantom” – stage plays, the movie, new re-tellings, but this movie tops the list because it sticks closest to the book. I was terrified the first several times I saw it! Good times! 🙂

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  2. A seminal moment in realistic horror since the face was a real horror. I’m surprised you mention Cheney having done his own make up for the Hunchback as I never knew he’d covered this. I always thought Charles Laughton was the first ( and best) Quasimodo.

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  3. Do you remember in the past, when I said I wasn’t a horror film fan, overall? Ummm, guess I have more to learn, in order to correctly ‘label’ myself – – – Cuz I LOVE Phantom of the Opera and was gifted the opportunity to see it in person, as a Play, by a woman who I long, long ago, worked for – who was also my friend. I was spellbound the entire time – by all of it, the music, the story, ALL of it!

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      • Yuppers – I try to remove labels best as I can, and overall? Labels, to me, speak volumes AND are also, such frivolous, short-term, thingees, that change as we each do – from our own insights, or in trying to ‘learn and connect more fully’ with those around us – Labels are so embedded, and have been so, n our human culture and communication efforts, for so long, I decided a long time ago, probably useless to try to get away from them – thus? To me? Nothing else for me to do but label myself, here and there, all while reserving the right to change my label, explore the labels of others, and learn what that ‘label’ means to them – – LOL. And so, I just keep racing along the path, enjoying, tripping, falling, bruising my knees, twisting my ankle or blocking the trail of others, while asking, “Um..okay….what does ‘that’ mean to you?” Labels – the Gift and Bane of existence – much like the frontal cortext and complex wiring of our own human brains! 😀

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  4. P.S. My “Labeled Version” of term, “Rose Colored Glasses” – “Fully equipped with our own sets of values, of which we are largely unconscious, we sally forth in the world and automatically see behavior with glasses colored by our own experience” – Customs and Cultures by Eugene A. Nida, 1954 edition –


    Link is the best way I know to express, without fully re-writing, how I still struggle with Rose Colored Glasses, labels, etc., 😀

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