“Ladeez and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages…”


Please read this post! It is a wonderful lesson on how to teach!

A Teacher's Reflections

The circus came to town!  Children were excited to perform for their families on Zoom.  It was a grand finalé to a month of learning about animals, what happens behind the scenes in a real circus, and writing circus picture stories.

Here’s why all of these events are important to children:

Children like excitement and adventure, and animals.  If I can tap their interests, I have a ready-made foundation for learning.  We covered science and nature (what do the animals eat?  How do they travel and train to perform?), math (how much rope is needed to put up a circus tent?  How many gallons of food do the animals eat?), and geography (where is Japan, Hungary, and Spain, where many of the performers are from?). It is a long list of learning, and a good one.  Perseverance and determination is speckled throughout, much like sprinkles on ice cream.

How do…

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