The Art Show – Part 2


Here is part 2 is the wonderful series on art and music by the extraordinary teacher, Jennie.

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 1 children were introduced to real artist tools, and also to music played with record albums on a record player.  Music inspires art.  It goes into your ears, then your brain and your heart.  Then it shoots out your fingers like magic to help you paint.

Part 2
We started with fun painting.  Since we’re learning about Italy, we decided to paint with spaghetti.  We dipped cooked pasta into paint and then dropped it from the loft onto paper.  It was messy, fun, and very creative.  Children returned to their painting to add a single spaghetti noodle dipped in black paint as a highlight.

In this way, children learned that an important work of art isn’t created in a day.  Artists return to their painting over and over again until they are satisfied.  From this point forward, all the art children painted was open ended; they could work on…

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4 thoughts on “The Art Show – Part 2

  1. Charles, so enjoyed reading this charming account by a wonderful teacher! Reminds me of some artwork I have seen over the years from my grandson, and going way back, my daughter. This teacher was so creative and inspiring for her young artists! Thank you for reblogging!

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