Music and The Art Show – Part 1


Please look at this post on teaching music and art from that excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

The children have been preparing for our annual Art Show, a major exhibit for the whole community.  It’s especially exciting this year, as last year’s event was cancelled due to Covid.

How do you help children to think like Picasso or Van Gogh?  How do you help them to feel creative and inspired?

We start by introducing children to the same tools that real artists use – paints in tubes, good brushes of many sizes, even well-loved palettes that are covered with years of paint.

We show them major pieces of art.  I pan every work of art in these good books – slowly and thoughtfully – to the children.  What I say makes the difference, and I do it with surprise and enthusiasm, as if there is a revelation:

“Connor, you can do this.  See the mountains?  You could paint this.”

“Eddie!  You love blue.  Look at the circles…

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