Geography, From Laura Ingalls’s “Little House” to Maps and Rivers


Here is another excellent example of teaching from that wonderful teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

My book is “well loved” and completely falling apart.
That shows children how important it is.

I finished reading aloud “Little House in the Big Woods” to my preschoolers, and have started the next book, “Little House on the Prairie.”  We’re only on page 15, yet what has happened in those few pages has become Geography-101, in the best of ways.  The big woods in Wisconsin were something children here in New England can understand- except for panthers.  When the move from the little house in Wisconsin began, everything was packed into a covered wagon, and off they went.

They had to cross the Missouri River.  That’s when the questions and geography started.

The river was frozen, so the horses pulled the wagon across the ice.  Then, after many weeks of traveling, they were on land that had no hills or trees.  It was the prairie.  Wait!  Our beloved picture…

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