Why Do Writers Write?



Why do I write?

I was asked this question several times over the last couple of years, often at writing conferences or by other writers online or by those who have read my books. I was thinking about it, and my answer is deceptively simple: I write because I have stories to tell, characters to give life to, and because I love books.



I believe in the power of words to communicate between the author and the readers as I believe in the connection of human beings. All stories, no matter the genre, speak to that connection. I remain an eternal optimist and see writing as an expression of that hope. I see the journey into the imagination as creating not only places of wonder but possibilities for the growth of empathy and compassion. I see writing as a way to question society as well as to show its strengths. Mostly though, I am able to tell the stories I have within me.



So here is my question to anyone who might wish to answer: why do you write?



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30 thoughts on “Why Do Writers Write?

  1. What drives me to write?
    To share my innermost thoughts
    The answer is clear
    It’s my personal attempt
    To make some sense of this world.

    What drives me to write?
    Exposing personal ideas
    To unhearing ears
    In this large, uncaring world
    I believe I reach a few.

    What drives me to write?
    To cast my words like pebbles
    Into the water
    To join the endless ripples
    That may swell into huge waves.

    What drives me to write?
    A hope to instigate change
    To do some small good
    In a world of endless pain
    Doing nothing destroys hope.

    This poem was my answer to this question, Charles.

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  2. My writing is my way of communicating with the rest of the world. I’m a fairly quiet person usually and when I write it is me saying “this is what I think” to everyone else. Also, I need to write. If I can’t be creative in some way, I tend to get very depressed.

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  3. I write for the same reasons as you, Charles. Also because of the feeling I get when words take over and the story flows and I am utterly oblivious to everything. That’s my happy place and I couldn’t be without it.

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  4. I think we echo a lot of the same answers, Charles. I write because I believe it is my responsibility to do something with the inspirations for stories that I get. I started out on this journey because I had a true story that begged to be told. Now, I can’t find a way to stop. 🙂 I love creating worlds and characters. Maybe I live vicariously through them? Perhaps.

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  5. Like you, I write because my mind churns out lots of stories, and as I’ve always loved reading books, the obvious way to share my imagination was to write novels.
    I did try producing comic books, but my drawing skills suck, whereas my typing speed could be improved with practice, so books it is.

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