Happy Ostara!



I want to wish everyone a Happy Ostara! This is a holiday on the pagan and pre-Christian Celtic Calendar, and it marks the beginning of Spring and the Spring Equinox. It is a holiday of hope and fertility. And please do not worry, there is nothing Satanic about this celebration of life.


19 thoughts on “Happy Ostara!

  1. Happy Ostara! Ahh….the picture you chose for the post, seems like ‘magical land’ I shall NEVER gaze upon, ever again – – LOL – but here soon (I hope!) I should be able to step outside, look at the last layer of natures mulch, and see rhubarb or irises poking their heads up – :). Sometimes, as the equinox arrives, and so much seems still cold/dead, I root around areas, looking for that first, new spring green growth, to cheer myself on to ‘wait, awhile longer’ and realize, ‘hmm…may still yet, get some spring blizzards/hard freezes!” – – 🙂

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