Writers–Believe In Yourselves and Your Writing


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Hello to all the writers out there!

This is a difficult and very trying time in which we all find ourselves. One thing you can be sure of, in this period of great uncertainty, is that you are writers.

You are the voice of imagination, of story-telling, and you are the conscience of society!

Believe in yourselves!

Believe in your writing!

Keep writing!

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33 thoughts on “Writers–Believe In Yourselves and Your Writing

  1. I feel like all I do is work right now, Charles. I’ve worked every weekend this year so far. It is a bit much. I’m also working at least an 8 to 9 hour day which is way more than my contract of 6 hours a day. This pandemic certainly is impacting people. Some, like me, never stop working and others have to little work. A horrible time, but thanks for the encouragement. I am frustrated because I have no time to write.

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