A Tale of Two Dale Chihuly’s – Part 1


Here is a lovely post from Jennie, the excellent teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

Dale Chihuly’s glass art is magnificent.  I have been fortunate to see two of his blown glass sculptures, each with a different story that inspired me in unexpected ways.

“It happened like this…”

The first Chihuly I saw was at the National Liberty Museum in historic Philadelphia.

“Flame of Liberty” 
stands twenty-one feet high.

I was at a wedding in Philadelphia, and the afternoon was free.  As history buffs, hubby and I went to the historic district to see Carpenter’s Hall.  With less than ten minutes before five o’clock when everything closed, we noticed a museum directly across the street, the National Liberty Museum.  It appeared to be an old bank building, so we dashed over and went in.  Thunderstruck would be the exact word to describe how I felt.

The breathtaking structure is mounted on a mirror and rises above, through a circular opening into the second floor.  Visitors…

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11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Dale Chihuly’s – Part 1

  1. Our city is fortunate to have one of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures on view in a display case outside of an apartment building and a Toronto exhibit I attended a few years ago still thrills so I’m looking forward to reading Jennie’s post!

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