Today… the New School Opening


Here is part two in the series by the excellent teacher, Jennie, about the opening of the new school!

A Teacher's Reflections

My previous post was ‘the night before’ opening school in our newly renovated building.  Here is what happened :

First things first- we opened ‘the box’, the one children packed up with their treasures so they could be part of the move, too.  I’m not sure if anyone remembered what was packed away, but the children were thrilled when the box was opened.  It was like finding a long lost friend.

Inside there were:

  • Two puzzles
  • One set of yoga cards
  • Two rocks
  • One block
  • One community block with a Groton Community School photo
  • Two magnifying glasses, each very different
  • Six vehicles
  • One large road mat

(Books were not part of packing the box.  They would have been treasures, for sure.)

The first thing children did was play!


The loft is a big hit.  Don’t you wish you’d had a loft to play in when you…

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