An Attempted Coup of The United States of America


I was going to do a post on writing today, but with what is happening in Washington, D.C., I have to speak about this insanity.

I will start by saying that I support peaceful protest of all kinds, because it is guaranteed in our Constitution, but I never support protest that is violent, including from those with whom I agree politically. Violent protest is never acceptable. Please do not reply by comparing today’s actions to other protests; as I stated, I disagree with all violent protests. Besides that would be like a child saying “Well, he did it, so I am too.” The logic is ridiculous.

What is happening today, though, is far worse than violent protest. By breaching the Capitol and disrupting the Constitutional work of the government, these people, who were incited by President Trump have committed many federal crimes and are committing insurrection. They are attempting to keep President-Elect Biden from becoming the President of the United States of America.

No matter what a person’s political party or viewpoint, this should be condemned. These images are what we would expect to see in a government that is collapsing in a small country, not in the nation that is supposed to be the shining light for democracy. These actions are also frighteningly similar to the actions of the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s.

Too many people have fought for and died for the United States of America, and these actions show disrespect to all who have served the country. I am still amazed that some people, contrary to ALL evidence, believe the election was stolen. It wasn’t–Trump lost. Elections have winners and losers, and sometimes the side you support loses. I have learned that many years ago. You have the right to be upset and to plan for the next election, but you do not have the right to storm the Capital and disrupt the workings of the government.

This attempted Coup d’ etat needs to be stopped immediately. All those involved with it, including any and all who incited this horrific behavior should be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law.

American democracy and freedom are at stake. An attempt to take over the government must not be allowed to stand.

77 thoughts on “An Attempted Coup of The United States of America

  1. David Perlmutter

    Very well said, Charles. As a Canadian, I know I would feel similar if our Parliament came under similar siege. I only hope this doesn’t give anti-democratic idiots in other countries ideas.

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  2. Well said Charles. This was no peaceful protest. These people came to D.C. to cause as much mayhem as possible. Trump, his sons, and people like Mo Brooks and Giuliani should be held criminally responsible for inciting a riot. A pro-Trump protester is dead. Her blood is on their hands. Even Trump’s aides are saying he’s so “traumatized” by his election loss, that he’s lost his mind. It’s time for the 25th Amendment to be invoked. This country cannot take 14 more days of him being in office.

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  3. This act of insurrection promoted by Trump and enabled by spineless Republican senators is a first and most disturbing incident I’ve witnessed In my lifetime.
    I’m bewildered as why there was no prior preparedness for something of this nature knowing what kind of insane power hungry man Trump is and his prior threats to disrupt the transfer of power.I feel a commission similar to the 9/11 terrorist attack should be formed to investigate this attempted coup de tête . Turns out it was Pence who eventually called in the National Guard as the crowd was already beginning to break up.

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  4. Well said Charles! I am appalled. I am beyond words. This was a traitorous seditious insurrection done for what? To keep a man in the office who doesn’t lift a finger to help anyone other than himself.

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  5. It was a very frightening moment for our country to see such vitriol storm historic grounds that are sacred symbols of freedom in our country! Plus, I know people that live in DC, including a friend I’ve known for 24 years! She works for one of the buildings that got locked down! Luckily she works from home right now. But 4 people died yesterday, and all because some people can’t accept that their candidate lost? Some people are so brainwashed that they believe all these claims despite the evidence! Thank goodness that Congress and the Senate came back and certified Biden’s win! I’m a centrist who has voted on both sides of the aisle, and it’s saddened me to see what the Republican party has become! Hopefully they can start working on rebuilding their party into something more productive! It was ugly yesterday, but it could’ve ended worse. Our democracy is still in tact, and hopefully with Biden’s victory cemented, we can move forward again.

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  6. Yes – until both online and in person, each American says, to anyone, “Nope, you don’t represent me – I’m working for a living and that is not acceptable to me…” – well – que sera sera – but those I’ve run into over many years, in many places of work and local clubs, etc., who seem all intent on ‘anarchy’ are the very people who can’t eat, keep warm, etc., ,unless the system they abhor is actually functioning and in place – – which is rather, I believe, the civilian side of the ‘durnit! I haven’t given my life’s work, tears, sweat and been a law abiding citizen so you yahoos can go out and make an arse out of yourself, hurt others and then grin and think I’m okay with it/support you…” – – That said, I’m rather all for internet privacy and freedom, but seriously? If someone is silly enough to engage in such actions and post it on their publicly available to anyone social media feed, or even those who are silly enough to say things out loud, of what they are going to do/want to do? As far as I’m concerned, intent has been established and I’m just sad that once more, taxpayer dollars will be spent to fund the over time to bring those full of hubris to justice – – but, so be it – – :)Sorry for ‘my rant’ but thank you much, Charles, for listening – – 🙂

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